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Re: Free Flow 7.0 sp3

If you are talking about products in the FreeFlow Workflow Collection (FreeFlow Core, FreeFlow Process Manager, FreeFlow MakeReady, etc.) then you do not need to install each service pack separately. 


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Technical Escalation User

Free Flow 7.0 sp3

Hi All,


I'm reinstalling FreeFlow software 7.0 sp3. Do I have to install the sp2 software first and then update to sp3, or can I install sp3 without reverting back to sp2?  The actual problem that I keep getting is when I go to layout, and want to repeat the image (2 up, 4 up, etc.), the only choices I have are "NONE" and "1-up centered".  I tried to use the back up configuration disk that I made, but when I would go to system restore, the files were unavailable (I tried to use both the DVD drive and USB).  That's when I decided  to reinstall the software.

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