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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: FreeFlow Core Job Properties Timestamp information

Date/Time Received – the time that a job is registered on FFCore. The submission file is fully spooled on FFCore and a JobID is assigned for the job.

Date/Time Processing Started – the time that the job begins processing through the selected FFCore Workflow. The Date/Time Received and Date/Time Processing Started may differ due to other jobs processing before the job in question can begin processing.

Date/Time Completed – the time the job has reached a terminal state. For example the processed job is saved or submitted to a printer destination. The completion time does not include processing time on the designated printer.

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FreeFlow Core Job Properties Timestamp information


Our customer processes large files with Acrobat KFP profiles.

While small files and fast workflows usually show quite no difference for the 3 following items, their jobs come with huge differences (please forgive our translations from French back to English in the item naming):

  • Date / Time Received: yesterday 10:16AM
  • Date / Time Start of Processing: today 9:11AM (almost a full day after!)
  • Date / Time Running: yesterday 11:10 PM (more than 12 hours after the "Received" time)

In the FreeFlow Core online help, except the sentence "Users may view Job Properties by clicking to the left of the job in the Job Status list", we could not find much information regarding the contents of the "Job Properties" pane.

Are you guys familiar with the above timestamps, and could explain the exact meaning of each of them?



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