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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: FreeFlow Core 6.2 to Xerox Iridesse

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There is nothing additional to install, or a specific setting on the Fiery to connect FreeFlow Core to Iridesse. It may be a port conflict. Please download a copy of the FreeFlow Core Security Guide to make sure you have configured the appropriate settings.

The guide can be downloaded at, select Workflow Software > FreeFlow Core

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FreeFlow Core 6.2 to Xerox Iridesse

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We have just installed an Iridesse printer I can conecct to it with Fiery Command Workstation but not FreeFlow Core 6.2.
I have connected to a Xerox C60 with Fiery in the past (It had an option installed called "Fiery Connectivity with FreeFlow" installed on it).
Does somthing extra have to be installed on the Fiery on an Iridesse in order for FreeFlow to connect to it?

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