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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

FreeFlow Core SDK Now Available

Xerox is pleased to announce the availability of the FreeFlow® Core Software Developer Kit (SDK), Version The new version of the SDK includes several new capabilities and enhancements designed to help streamline integration with Xerox’ award-winning workflow automation platform, including:

Printer Information/Status

  • Ability to retrieve printer information such as the status of input and output trays and printer status via KnownDevices, as well as consumables (media and ink) levels via Resource query messages.
  • Job Status Signal shows the state of the job when it arrives at the printer.

Job Management

  • Cancel Job has been enhanced whereby if a job has been forwarded to a printer, FreeFlow Core can attempt to cancel the job at the printer via the AbortQueueEntry command.
  • Resubmit Job has been enhanced whereby the client can provide a new job file when resubmitting the job to FreeFlow Core for processing via the ResubmitQueueEntry message.
  • Ability to remove a job from FreeFlow Core using the RemoveQueueEntry command.
  • Ability to retrieve a jobs’ document file after the job successfully completes processing through the workflow. A Resource Signal is sent providing information to retrieve the file.
  • Ability to pause and resume submission of jobs from FreeFlow Core to a Printer Destination via the ResubmitQueueEntry and ResumeQueueEntry commands.

KnownSubscriptions JMF 

  • The KnownSubscriptions JMF enables devices to query FreeFlow Core for a list of active persistent channels. The client can determine whether to send a persistent subscription request. When registering a persistent subscription, the attribute ‘Subscribed’ is contained in the response indicating whether the registration was successful. If a duplicate subscription is registered, ‘Subscribed’ will be ‘true.’ If another subscription with same URL but different Query/ID is attempted, it will fail. Only persistent subscriptions of type "Status" can be registered and unregistered.

Maximum JDF version 

  • Maximum JDF version (MaxVersion) in the JMF Header response is now returned as ‘1.4’, while the JDF Version (JDFVersion) is returned as ‘1.3 1.4’. JDFVersions is also present for each Device returned in a KnownDevices query response.

Current members of the Xerox Developer Program may download the latest version of the SDK by logging in to their account on the Developer Program portal at New members may obtain the SDK by visiting the site and completing a membership application.

The SDK is available to qualified participants at no charge and includes comprehensive documentation that features exclusive Xerox behavior interfaces, FAQs, self-validation resources and much more. In addition to these resources, Developers can access fee-based support to facilitate and accelerate validation of their solutions with FreeFlow Core via the Xerox Developer Integration Center. Refer to the attached Developer Program Solutions Brief for more information.

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