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Re: FreeFlow Core default user.

FreeFlow Core will identify itself as the Sender (FreeFlow Print Server) or the User (Fiery) if it does not receive information to populate this field in the print ticket.


This information can be changed in a number of ways:

  • If you are submitting jobs with XPIF tickets, you can populate the job-originating-user-name attribute to define the Sender / User for the job
  • You can change the default for a given Printer Destination by changing the Sender value in the default job ticketing
  • You can also use a variable in the Sender which would allow you to populte the field with any JMF, MAX, etc. variable


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FreeFlow User

FreeFlow Core default user.



I define a basic workfow pointing to J75 engine Fiery driven.

It  works fine no problem for that but jobs owner on Fiery Hold queue coming from this WF is always "FreeFlow Core”.

For tracking and reporting my customer would like to get real username, I mean name of the guy who sent Jobs, is it possible ?






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