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Re: FreeFlow Core "Error During Office Conversion"

Two things:


There's a MantisDebug.log file in the FFC install directory.

Delete it and then submit the problematic file again. That file contains additional information about the error.

Also, feel free to send via private message.


If the log does not point to something that can be easily converted, please submit to the hotline.

FreeFlow Core "Error During Office Conversion"

Hello All,


I'm currently working through setting up a workflow that Microsoft Office documents can be used for. I have 4 word documents, 2 (.doc) files and 2 (.docx) files that I've been using for testing. 3 of the 4 converted fine, but one file continues to fail. It's one of the (.doc) file.


I have opened this file and I'm able to convert it to PDF easily. The only thing FreeFlow can tell me about the failure is a message this "Error During Office Conversion".


Is there anything that can be done about this? There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the file. A customer would not understand why their file doesn't work.

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