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Re: Freeflow core Tab dividers

It depends and it usually takes a bit of professional services.


If you are looking for something like FreeFlow MakeReady in which you open a document and define the job ticketing using a visual UI then you should look at FFMakeReady since that's the best tool for the job.


However, if you want to pull content out of a CMS have tabs and exceptions built on the fly so the job arrives at the printer with a full ticket then that's doable. As long as the rules for creating the print ticket and inserting the tabs and annotations are consistent you can usually have a custom solution built around FFCore to fully automate the setup of the job.


In the later case I would suggest you contact your local analyst or the solutions engagement team.

I have seen them do this before and if the details make it a fit I am sure they can do it again.

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Freeflow core Tab dividers

Can you setup 5 part tab dividers to be printed on and inserted in to a job

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