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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Fresh installation of FF Core Base French does not install EasyStart workflows?

The message that you received: Do you want to permanently delete FreeFlow Core configuration information? Click "Yes" to delete the files or "No" to keep them.


FreeFlow Core "configuration information" includes configured workflows, presets, devices, connections and user accounts. If you select "yes," ALL the information is deleted, including Easy Start workflows, so you will need to reinstall them. It also appears that you perfromed a  net-new install - meaning that the database from the previous install (that you uninstalled) was deleted, which would also result in all configuration information being deleted.


FreeFlow Core Easy Starts are not automatically installed when you install FreeFlow Core. They are avaiable on > Support & Drivers as a separate executable and need to be installed after the FreeFlow Core software has been installed.




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Fresh installation of FF Core Base French does not install EasyStart workflows?



I made a "Fresh" installation of FF Core.

At least, did I uninstall the previous installation (also, then decided to *not* keep the setup.

As I further installed FF Core, the Installation Wizard asked for the name/password of the base administrator (so, I guess it was understood as a "Fresh" installation).


The thing is, I cannot see the EasyStart workflows in the list of predefined workflows, which I expected to see (this list is simply empty).


Did I miss a point?


Thanks in advance!


Kind regards,



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