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mike61 Contributor


Ok I am getting very frustrated with the support model for Freeflow Core. It seems that the only place I can get any assistance is through this forum which has not been very helpful at all. The training we received was very poor and not very helpfull and I do not seem to have any kind of knowledgeable resource to call. I am becoming very frustrated. There is no upgrade path from process manager which means that we have to write all new workflows and th fact that we have to do this with next to no support is shamfull! This software was sold to me as being leaps and bounds ahead of process manager but quite frankly I do not see this at all!!  

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator Michael325861-xrx
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Frustration!!!!

Please access Support & Drivers ( > Customer Support > Support & Drivers > Software & Platforms > FreeFlow > FreeFlow Core) for the latest user guides. If you have specific questions which are not addressed in the user guides, you may also contact Xerox Customer Support. For assistence with implementation and workflow building, Professional Services are also available by contacting your Xerox representative.

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