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Re: Group Jobs Via MAX CSV

You could use the Insert Pages component to duplicate all pages based on the quantity (ensuring that pages are inserted after each contiguous page range). Since this duplication is done using pointers the DFE should recognize the reused pages and only RIP them once. 


After duplicating, join the documents into a single PDF. 


The only problem with the above would be if you need finishing which will not work. In that case, I would suggest submitting the file as a job group and using the Collect Job Documents option in the print component (you enable this in the workflow graph). This option is part of the output management like license. When it is enabled, the print component will submit the jobs to the DFE once at a time. To ensure jobs are printed in the required order, ensure the DFE or the queue is configured to print in FIFO order. 

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Group Jobs Via MAX CSV



I’ve got a MAX CSV with 2 jobs on Job A with a quantity of 100 and job B with a quantity of 1 , I’m wondering how I can group these so they print as 1 Job but job A prints 100 and B prints as 1 ( carrying the data from the CSV).


This is our current CSV incase I need additional columns in my CSV.

JobIDFolderNameQuantityPrinter DestinationMaterialCoverMaterialLaminateTypeDescDuploBindingMachineSizeFoldTypeAdditionalFinishingDescSidesPKDueDispatchDateJobsPerOrderDuploOrientationCompanyBrandnameCutTypeProductionTimeDispatch DayRunlist


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