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Re: Hot Folder Setup

Back in the office from business trip. Glad you got it. =)

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Re: Hot Folder Setup

I think I got it, lol.

Hot Folder Setup

I need help setting up a basic input folder for a single workflow. When I create a Hot folder under Administration > Hot Folder Setup, I give it a name, I copy and paste the UNC path on the network into the Location field, I ignore the script tab. Under Workflow destination tab I have it set to send all jobs to a single workflow, which I choose from the drop down. I ignore the Max setup tab. It creates a series of folders inside the hot folder I created. "Process", "Recovery", "ScriptOutput", and "Unsupported". I can find no documentation on how to use these folders or what they are for.


If I submit a PDF to the workflow by using the Submit Job  tab, the workflow does what it's supposed to and exports my imposition PDF to the specified location via a Save component.


Can someone help me understand how to correctly set this up?

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