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Re: Hotfolder + XPF file submission problems

It looks like FFPS sees the xpf-file as a seperate job.

Did you try to integrate the job ticket into the pdf? Can be done using following command: 

copy /b <ticket file.xpf> + <PDF file.pdf> <print file.pdf>

It makes the pdf unreadable for Acrobat, but FFPS should interprete it correctly.

Also, make sure all data needed is in the xpf file (missing the paper weight in your example).

We are producing hundreds of jobs a day this way (web-to-print application).

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Re: Hotfolder + XPF file submission problems

Per the log it seems FFCore is picking up the XPIF ticket.


I would add a save node after print and ensure that it saves the workflow job ticket.

That print ticket should contain XPIF values supported by FFCore.


If that's not working as expected then escalate to the hotline.

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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Hotfolder + XPF file submission problems



I am trying to create a workflow that uses a hotfolder submission with an XPF (of XPIF) job ticket along with the PDF job. The job is processed with no errors shown in Core but the FFPS does not reflect the job ticket selection.


I have used the instruction in the Help file which states that "Job files submitted to a hot folder may be associated with an XPIF job ticket via the following naming conventions:

  • filename.ext - job file
  • filename.ext.xpf - job ticket file

There is a mention of a problem on line 2 of the attached log.


The instructions are very straigh forward so I am not sure what I am doing wrong (unless the instructions are missing info). I have verified that the FFPS does not have any queue overrides that might be affecting this. I have also looked through my Core setup to see if there is something that might affect this. Nothing is obvious.


I have attached the Mantis log as well as the XPIF job ticket. Note that I had to chage the extension of the ticket fle for the purpose of the file upload to this forum. Please change to JCWjob.pdf.xpf .


Any ideas?



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