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Re: How to Rename PDFs using a MAX setup?

Thanks for the response guys, much appreciated and from this I have managed to follow the process through and get my renamed files.



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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: How to Rename PDFs using a MAX setup?

You can also link your newly named file to another hotfolder via having the  SAVE file location be the hotfolder folder's fully qualified location. The saved file will automatically kick off the new hotfolder's processing.


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Re: How to Rename PDFs using a MAX setup?

I might have a solution for you. It involves MAX Setup/manifest and a simple workflow.


MAX Setup

There is an option to “Build Job Name Using Data Fields” at the top of the MAX Setup window.  Here you can build a job name based on any of the variables mapped below in either Standard or Custom fields.  The picture below is a very basic setup for the scenario you mentioned. 


The three components you’d need are:

  1. File Name (of the original file)
  2. Folder Name (location of the original file)
  3. The new file name (this will be a custom field

Renaming MAX Setup.JPG


Note: To indicate a custom field, the nomenclature is $FF[FieldName]$, where [FieldName] is replaced with whatever name you give that column.  Here I have it as $FFNewName$


Here’s what the basic CSV file would look like:

Renaming manifest.JPG

Side note: I have the manifest set up without column headers.  If you have headers in your file, don't forget to uncheck Process the First Row as Data at the bottom of the MAX Setup window.  (I've done that a few times.)




In the simplest form, the workflow would be just one Save node.  The settings for the node would be as follows:

Renaming Workflow Save Node.JPG

Of course, the File Location would be wherever you want the final PDFs to go. 


$FFwfJob.jobName$ is the default for a new Save node.  It will take the filename you built in the MAX Setup and use it to name the final file. I’d also recommend you not save the job ticket (unless you need an XPF for each file).



I hope that helps!  There might be another way to do this, but this MAX Setup + workflow should get the job done for you. 



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How to Rename PDFs using a MAX setup?



I have a large batch of pdfs numbered by name for example from 1 to 600.e.g. sample1.pdf, sample2.pdf etc

I want to rename these from a .csv file I have that has a column of codes that each pdf needs to be renamed too so again for example sample1.pdf needs to be renamed with the first code in the csv, sample2.pdf the second code and so on but I am not sure how to go about setting up the MAX hot folder to enable this.

Im hoping it can be done, any help much appreciated.




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