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Re: Impose component - using variables for sheets size

Perfect, thank you so much. I have worked with manifests but hadn't thought of creating one on the fly.

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Re: Impose component - using variables for sheets size

One way to do this is to create a manifest on the fly when a pdf is submitted to a FFCore hotfolder. The attached Python script ( uses a regular expression to find the numbers in the file name. It will then write the result to a csv that is submitted to FFCore, setup with MAX. For a file named Banner_12_18.pdf the csv created will contain this:


In the MAX setup on the hotfolder you set the file name to column A. Define columns B and C as custom fields and as numbers. If you name columns B and C to for instance sheetwidth and sheetheight you can then use the variables $FFsheetwidth$ and $FFsheetwidth$ to define the custom sheet size in the impose component. Use semicolon as the column delimiter. Also click the scripting tab in the hotfolder setup and select the batch file as the script to use (upload both batch file and Python script to FFCore scripts folder) using parameters:

"$FFin$" "$FFout$"

You may need to change the paths in the batch file to where you installed Python and to where your FFCore scripts folder is located.

The script also uses a temp directory, C:/Temp/, where the csv is created and where the submitted pdf is copied. To avoid files being left there, the script also removes files in C:/Temp/ older than 7 days.


Impose component - using variables for sheets size


I wanted to use a calculated value for sheet height and width that is taking a two digit number from the end of the input file name using $FFwfjobName.substring(-5,2)$

Example of input file: Banner_12_18.pdf - sheet size 12wx18t

Unfortunately this doesn't work, other than using a manifest file is there an easy way around this?



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