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cdempsey New Member
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Imposing ID cards for Insignia X3

Hello - I've tried searching through here for a similar topic but if this has been discussed before I apologize. 

We are currently imposing single ID cards at the iGen through Duplo Cut & Stack SEF (Fiery). This is for a new machine we have now called Insignia X3. 

We have never had any imposition set ups for ID cards through Core and I would really like to have this done through Core instead of at the iGen. I've tried figuring it out on my own but I've never had any real training in Core and haven't created any imposition presets before from scratch. 

My hope was that there may already be a preset for this machine, but if not, could someone point me in the right direction here for how to get started? 

Thank you in advance!

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator DavidU54339-XRX
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Imposing ID cards for Insignia X3

A good place to start for understanding the imposition node is the Easy Starts. These are Xerox developed workflows with documentation explaining the rationale behind the workflows. The Easy Starts can be downloaded at

Select the operating system as Windows Server 2102 to ensure the Easy Starts download is visible.

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Re: Imposing ID cards for Insignia X3

Two Stage imposition.  Impose a single column sequentially 5 rows x 1 Column  then in stage 2 impose the column with Cut and Stack 1 row x 5 Columns.  This can be made Portrait and or Landscape.

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