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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Inconsistent information between FFC and FFC Reports

The information in Core Job Report (left tab) should match the information displayed on the FFCore Job Properties Information on the Job Management Tab. This is the FFCore processing information -- does not include processing information on the printer. The printer processing information is displayed within Core Print Report (right tab) only. To ensure Core Reports is fully functional Core Configure needs to have the following selected:

  1. Retrieve Job Accounting from Printer
  2. Enable Data Collection

It is possible that the DFE is not sending the job processing information to FFCore. It is also possible that FFCore has a BUG. If the above information does not solve the problem please contact Xerox support -- this feature should be operational.


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New Member

Inconsistent information between FFC and FFC Reports

We are currently trying out FreeFlow Core Reports, aiming to get accurate reports.

However we observed inconsistent information between FreeFlow Core (FFC) and FreeFlow Core Reports.

In FFC under the "Completed Jobs" tab, there were 4 print jobs that had "Job ID" assigned by the printer and their "Status at Printer" were either Completed or Cancelled.

In FFC Reports, the same jobs only displayed their "Print Job ID". Their print status information and all the associated timestamps were missing.

Having said that, other completed print jobs did have all the information (including the timestamps) displayed in FFC Reports.

We observed this for more than a week now.

Does FFC and FFC Reports access the same database to display the print information?

Any possible explanation why these two applications show inconsistent results?

Other than FFC Reports application, is there any way (e.g. log files) to check the status and timestamps of the print jobs?




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