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Re: Integration between our web-to-print software and FreeFlowCore

JMF commands are HTTP post requests that conforms to structures defined in JDF Specification.


You can find JDF specifications here:


Unfortunately I do not have example code.


I would ask that you also reach out to your local xerox person. They may have access to resources that may be able to provide more in depth help.

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Integration between our web-to-print software and FreeFlowCore

Good morning,


We are making an integration between our web-to-print software and FreeFlowCore software.


We would like to connect our web-to-print system to FreeFlowCore so each order can be handled in a traffic and directly arrived on our IGEN.


Therefore, our Web-to-print generates a JMF/JDF and the PDF


When we use the SDK FFCore V4 and the software Alces CIP4, we manage to submit the JMF to  FreeFlowCore. Thus, FFCore recovers the parameters of the JDF and the corresponding PDF. The file arrives on our IGEN entirely configured.


So, when we do it manually, it perfectly works. Then, we tried to automate the process. But things get complicated. It is impossible to submit the JDF to FFCore in Java or C# as Alces does.


We tried requests AJAX, CURL… on the ports 7751 or 7781 but every time, the server returns error messages.


It is impossible to find information on internet about the protocols and the methods of submission JMF.


Could you please help us ? How can we submit a JMF/JDF to FFCore in script (Java or C#) as Alces does ? Ideally, would you have an example of a code (just few lines would be fine) in any language ?


Thank you for your help.



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