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Re: Is there a way to remap CMYK colors to a spot color

I have a client that uses specific spot colors. PANTONE 638, PANTONE 7663 and Cool Gray 9. They will be sending us documents that have cmyk versions of these specific spot colors. When I convert using my .kfp fixup profile, "Convert to spot color", my cmyk images get all wacked out. Could you explain in more detail, how to convert cmyk to PMS spot colors? 


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Is there a way to remap CMYK colors to a spot color

Received the above question via email.


Although the Manage Color component in FFCore does not provide the ability to remap colors, this functionality is available in the base version of FFCore via the preflight component.


pdfToolbox Desktop and Acrobat Preflight both include fixups to remap colors in the document.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 5.15.24 PM.png


In this fixup you define CMYK, RGB or Gray values as well as a tolerance for matching color definitions in the document.

The matched colors can then be

  • remapped to new CMYK, RGB or Gray values
  • remapped as a spot color (using either the original color space or a different color space as the alternate color space)

As with most preflight fixup, the modification can be constrained to objects that match a specific preflight check.


Once the preflight fixup or profile is defined in pdfToolbox or Acrobat Preflight it should be exported and then uploaded into the FFCore preflight preset. The workflow will apply the profile as part of the Preflight operation.

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