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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Issues with Fiery virtual printers

The behavior you are describing should not be happening. This could be a FFCore or an EFI SW bug -- please author a SPAR so Xerox can investigate.

In the mean time, one idea is to label the Virtual Printers more uniquely (I'm guessing that either FFCore or EFI is incorrectly parsing the similar text strings describing the VP name). For example:

1.  "Uncoated 12 X 18"

2. "12 X 18 Coated"

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Issues with Fiery virtual printers

We are new to Fiery DFE's but not new to Freeflow Core.

We have 7 machines that are running Freeflow DFE's and we just purchased a Versant 180 with a fiery DFE.

I have created presets and virtual printers and when I send a job to a virtual printer we call "Uncoated 12 x 18" the job shows up at the Fiery under a different virtual printer there called "Coated 12 x 18". I have checked in Freeflow core and it is states that it was sent using the proper workflow and the printer destination states "Uncoated 12 x 18" but when I go to the DFE it says "Coated 12 x 18" I have checked the print preset in Freeflow Core and it is using the correct virtual printer and I made sure that the virtual printer Media is set to "Uncoated".

has anyone seen this before or have a solution?

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