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Re: Job Groups using MAX containing a single PDF

There's no way to for FFCore to process a single job as a group of jobs.

Can you elaborate on what this would enable?


As for the $FFmanifestName$ variable. I would ask that you escalate that to the hotline if it is not working as expected.

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Job Groups using MAX containing a single PDF

I'm trying to use the Job Group variables when naming files submitted through a MAX file. Specificaly the $FFwfJob.documentGroupCount$ variable.


It works well as long as there is more than one file in the MAX file. The workflow contains a Join node that concatenates all of the submitted files together.  For example


MAX.txt is submitted containing 3 files the segment of the filename it is applied to is _3_


If the MAX file contains only a single PDF, the same file name segment will be _0_.


The same is true if trying to retrieve the other Job Group variables. Is there a way to force a single file to be considered a group seeing as it was submitted through MAX?


I was also trying to use the $FFmanifestName$ variable, but it fails to retrieve a value. 




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