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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Join Job Not Saving PDF as Job Name

Hi David,

If you use $FFwfJob.groupName$.pdf as the file name when saving the PDF you should get the saved file named as typed in the submission client.

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Join Job Not Saving PDF as Job Name



I have a Workflow setup that combines multiple PDFs into one, however, when the resulting imposed PDF is produced it is not named as the name I entered in the Job Name box. At the moment the combined PDF is coming out named as per one of the PDFs that I submitted.


What I want is to be able to submit multiple PDFs (they will be all the same size) and then at the end get one PDF that is named as my Job Name, this is so that i can send to press and the press operator can find that file based on the Job Name.




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