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Re: Legacy .xjt and PDF into a FreeFlow workflow

If I recall (I am not as well versed on the existing FreeFlow products as I am versed in FFCore), Network Agent will in fact automate the conversion. I believe it will also automate print submission form hot folder submission.


In any case, Network Agent is not included with FreeFlow Core. It is instead included as part of FreeFlow Print Manager - APP.


Additionally, FreeFlow Core will accept submission of a PDF + XPIF but it will not accept a PDF with an embedded XPIF. Those are accepted by FreeFlow Print Server. However, I am not sure whether they are accepted via hot folder submission (vs LPR, IPP, etc.). So, you could setup a workflow with a single print node but you will still have to copy both the PDF and the XPIF into that hot folder.


If you want to drop a single file into a hot folder you may be better off usng FreeFlow Print Server hot folders.


As I mentioned above, I am not as well versed in the other FreeFlow applications. I would reach out to your xerox analyst.



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Legacy .xjt and PDF into a FreeFlow workflow

We have just setup FreeFlow core (mostly for our new XMPie store fronts) but production has asked about being able to transfer over our existing repository of legacy print files that are constantly being retrieved and printed.


Scenario is: We would like to be able to take old .pdf and .ps files that already have an .xjt ticket and normally sent to our production machines via XDS and turn them into a single file (I.e. a .pdf with either an XPIF or JDF ticket embedded) and have a workflow associated to a hot folder where production can just drop the new files into and arrive at the machine ready to go with all stocks and exception pages present.


So my first question is, is there an easy way to convert old legacy XJT tickets into the newer types used by FreeFlow? (Some searched turned up Network Agent in an older version of FreeFlow as a mthod of doing it, but I cannot seem to find it in FreeFlow core)


And then use the following command line (fond in another thread) to embed the ticket into the PDF?
copy /b <ticket file> + <PDF file> <print file>

Then I assume all I would have to do is setup and simple single component workflow that just goes straight to print? (files are already print optimized and either imposed or have several exception pages that are mostly 5 position collated tabs that get printed on)

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