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Re: Maintain of the print queue

It depends on the details.

What job ticketing do you need at the DFE? Are you just printing these or do they need finishing as well?


One option would be to duplicate the files (so that there are 3 copies of A1 and 2 copies of A2) and then join the files into a single file that you send to the DFE. Since the files are a single job you will not get intermixing.


If joining the files is not acceptable (either for performance reasons or because you are using integrated finishing), then there are other options for controlled submission to the DFE (to a queue with FIFO enabled). Those would require professional services from the Solutions Engagement Team (SET). You account team can put you in touch with SET or you may contact them directly at:

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Maintain of the print queue



We use Free Flow Core


I've csv file it's look like



1-st col is a filename, sec is amount,


PDF with "A" use workflows for A

PDF with "B" use workflows for B

PDF with "C" use workflows for C


Some files wieghts ~ 2KB to 27MB


Each worflows ends with print module. 

All jobs goes to  Xero Versant 2100.,


BUT, When I took prints, I saw that they are mixed!!!.


I need exactly the same order

Is there any solution for this?



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