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Re: Combine and number Multiple (sized) documents

This is pretty simple to do with FFCore.


All you need is an Insert Pages component with the following settings

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.17.37 PM.png


The Blank Page Fill setting means that pages are only added if needed.

In this case they are only added if the number of pages is not a multiple of 2. As such, documents that are already duplex are not touched.


In addition, the dimensions of the document are based on the cropbox of the page relative to which you are inserting. As such, the blank in FIle 2 will be A3 while the blank on File 3 will be A4.

Furthermore, other PDF boxes inside of the selected PDF box will also be added to the inserted pages.


That single node should do the trick for as many jobs as you want to process through the workflow


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Making documents of different dimensions duplex and joining them



I wondered if anyone could help at all with this.


We have a client who are supplying various docuements (PDF & Word files) and would us to combine all the documents in a particular order and number them and create PDF output that can be printed as a booklet.


I have created a workflow that will take in the documents, checks to see if the document is an odd number of pages and then if it is then add in a blank page to even them up then combine together and then number which all works fine.


The problem I have is that the documents can vary in size so the next thing that I have been asked is can we check the page size of the supplied document and if it is a different size to the next add in a blank page but make sure that the blank page is the same size as the document before it?


For example:

File 1 = 10 x A4

File 2 = 1x A3

File 3 = 5 x A4


Needs to become: (File 1) + (File 2 + 1 Blank A3) + (File 3 + 1 Blank A4) then all numbered to be a 18 pages.


Is this possible to do in FFC? If it was a number as small as 3 files I would do it manually but this needs to be done across 60 files!!


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