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Re: Missing Images

FFCore does not convert to PS and does not do so before printing.

Well... we convert to PS when printing to the C60/70 DMP but that happens under the hood and cannot be controlled by the user.


If you open the imposed PDF, are the images missing at that point? If so, please escalate to the hotline as that should never happen.

If the images are in the PDF, are they disappearing whn the DFE RIPs them? That's something that should be esclated as a DFE issue.


If the images are disappearing after imposition (and they are missing in the PDF) please send me some samples via private message.

Note - you should still escalate to the hotline.

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Missing Images

So my customer has sent me .pdf files that they laid images onto some of the pages but when I drag them into core they drop out and wont print. This is becoming a bigger problem with acrobat pro allowing the users to modify .pdfs.


My question is:

Can Core convert to postscript before imposing and sending to printer?


How can I get a pause or warning to let me know that the file has these issues?


Unfortunatly its to late for this run as we are now sorting tens of thousands to pages to find the missing images.


Any information will be greatly appreciated.




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