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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Mixed Media within MAX

I would say there is two ways to go forward.

1. Have a XPIF ticket made that goes to the print node. Creating the XPIF is relative straight forward and this would give you an easy linear workflow to program the ticket.
If you want to go with this, use the XPIF information from the FFCore SDK to build the ticket to go with the job. Then in MAX (or in an external node in the workflow) you call for this ticket to be applied when printing.

2. Use a preset print nodes configured for the stock combinations required and route the job calling the variables from the MAX. I think this is easier way to achieve this, but the workflow can get bit more complex as you have printer destination.
If you want to go with this, in MAX convert the fields to custom variables and then create job characteristics to check for these and then route to the printer destination matching the combination.
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Mixed Media within MAX

Hi, i`m using an own XML to MAX transformation (mostly out of Web 2 Print systems) to automate flows within Core. I`d like to use dynamic items as far as it can be. Related to mixed media, MAX seems to be very limited, right? How would you realize a job with a, for example, 170 g cover and 100 g paper for the content. The values are all available in the XML and could be transformed to a csv, but I don`t know how to use it in MAX. A colleague told me, that I have to use XPIF variable in MAX. Is it the only way? Thanks JJ

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