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Module Licensing



Could the following be clarified please?


1. When one downloads the "Trial Version" are ALL modules included to test?

2. Is there a document or can someone clarify the components that appear in the Freeflow Server screen VERSUS licensed modules? i.e. What compononents belong to each module? I need to be clear the asks from customers after they have trialed the software...


Thank you,




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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator Michael325861-xrx
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Module Licensing

Yes. The trial version includes the full configuration: the BASE software, and the Advanced Prepress, Advanced Automation, Output Management and Variable Data optional modules. The only limitation with the trial version is a) the software automatically disables itself 45-days after install and cannot be reinstalled on the same PC and b) you can only connect to 2 output devices (the production version allows unlimited device connectivity).


You may find details of what functionality is included in the BASE software, and each optional module in the online Help (detailed descriptions), the Customer Expectations Document (features overview) and/or the Marketing collateral (summary). These documents may be obtained by visting the FreeFlow Core product page on at and visting the Support & Drivers section.

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Re: Module Licensing

Many thanks for this Michael.

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