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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Moving Backup License to new machine

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Licenses are uniquely tied to a specific PC via the machine Host ID/UUID. In order to move your copy of FreeFlow Core to a different system, you will need to have the license reset to the UUID of the new PC. For a backup copy of the system, this can only be performed by Xerox. Please contact Xerox Support and have the following items ready to provide when requested:

  1. The Serial Number of your Production copy of FreeFlow Core
  2. The UUID of the new system you will be installing the Backup copy on. To determine the UUID, open a Command Prompt and type ‘wmic csproduct get uuid’. The UUID is a 32-digit hexadecimal string that appears in the following format: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Moving Backup License to new machine

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I'm looking to reinstall FreeFlow Core using my backup license on a new piece of hardware. I've taken a full clone of my current system in preparation for the installation.

What steps do I need to take on the current hardware to ensure a smooth transition with licensing? I do not plan to continue run FreeFlow Core on my current hardware any longer.

Sorry if I missed the answer in the documentation, but I didn't see any details about uninstalling in the Installation Guide.

Thank you!

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