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Re: Newbie: Imposing for Cut And Stack, Per side offset

I'd like to help, but not enough to recreate everything you've done (sorry!) Can you upload your VI (or a snippet of your VI) and an example XML file? Perhaps the one from your post, but as a file rather than an image? A zip file containing all the files, or just a collection of files is fine (but I'd guess others might prefer a zip for easier extraction to a specific directory). A first comment on your code would be that you have two nodes being added, but they aren't linked by dataflow - that is, you don't know which of "imgLocation" or "Node" will be added first. I don't know without testing if the reference can end up with a race condition in which sometimes they aren't both reliably added... If you're OK exporting a new file, it should be easier, but it sounds like you're not? However, I expect anything after the location you insert will have to be rewritten on disk .


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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Newbie: Imposing for Cut And Stack, Per side offset

Assuming you have the Advanced PrePress license, here is an idea. The idea is to trim a mm. off the right edge of the odd pages and then impose. To do this build a WF composed of a Resize node and an Imposition Node. The Resize Node have setup to:

  1. Placement:
    1. Apply Only to Odd Pages
    2. Horizontal Alignment = Left
  2. Contents:
    1. Trim off right edge by .255 in (or 1 mm)

The Imposition Layout to have:

  1. 2 columns
  2. Cell Cluster = On
  3. Horizontal Alignment = Right Edge -- assuming Landscape press sheet

See screensnaps.


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Newbie: Imposing for Cut And Stack, Per side offset


I`m now exploring a trial of FF Core, we are using it with our DP180.

Trying to impose 8.5x11 2up on 11x17, by default the result is that the left sheet is slightly moved to the left approx 1-2mm, our application requires the exact same position for both the left and the right sheets.

I`m not exactly sure causes the shift however I was wondering how we can adjsut the position/offset of only one sheet.

Appreciate your help 

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