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Re: Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark

To add the exception pages from FreeFlow Core you can add the components in this workflow before print and in the order they are added. It will add the exception pages to the job ticket based on a preflight report and in this example add "Blue" media for all even pages in the document. You need at least version 5.4.0 to be able to import it. If your scripts folder is located anywhere else than on C: you need to edit the batch file (.bat) and point to the drive letter where your scripts are. In that case in the batch file, change:



<your drive letter>:\Xerox\FreeFlow\Core\00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000\Data\Scripts\evenpagesondifferentmedia.ps1

If you would like to change to some other media color you can edit this information in the PowerShell script (.ps1). Change:

<media-color syntax=""keyword"">blue</media-color>


<media-color syntax=""keyword"">someothercolor</media-color>

The script also assumes the folder C:\Temp\ exists on your FreeFlow Core Server.

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark

My understanding of your proposed workflow is that you have a 2 page document that needs to printed 5000 times -- I hope I have this right. Assuming you have the Advanced Automation license, I would do the following (see screensnaps):

  1. Have a Split node separate the odd from the even page
  2. Add a Watermark node to the even page branch
  3. build two printer destinations -- one for each media type
  4. At submit time specify quantity = 5000


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Re: Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark

The INI method worked perfectly and was easy to set up 



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Re: Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark

You can also setup a queue on your FFPS with what is called a cyclic ini file. I dont do this often but have some old directions that are attached.  You define how many pages to cycle through etc and the FFPS will then manage the switching between like white/yellow over and over again.If the information below is not enough then please reach out to your local analyst and they should be able to assist. The first attached document has most of the details. The second file attached is a script that would be placed on the FFPS and executed to create the desired ini file (it may also already reside on your FFPS).

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Re: Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark

That's a good question.  I'm not sure if there is another way to do the exceptions.  Maybe someone more familiar with your printer can help?  Either someone here or maybe ask in that printer's forum?

Sorry I can't help you any more with this.  




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Re: Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark

I get the idea, but for exception pages, if I have a 10,000 page document will I need to enter all page numbers?

Such as 2,4,6,8 etc? or is there a wildcard option?




Looks like this is only possible on the DFE/FFPS? 

My setup is DP180 + ffcore


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Re: Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark


Here’s what I was able to work out. (Note: I’m using version of Core.  I’m not sure if the layout of the options will match whichever version you are using.)

You’ll need an Insert, a Watermark, and a Print node.


1. Insert Node. Use the settings below:

Type: Job Pages

Number of Inserts: 1

Location: After Each Page

Page Selection: All Pages

(You can also use a Page Range here, if for instance you had a cover you didn’t want duplicated.  You could put in 2 --1 to exclude the cover.)


2. Watermark Node:

Click the Create New Watermark button (the green plus mark button in my version).  Set up the visual aspects and page positioning for your watermark on the Contents and Placement tabs. 

The important step: To place the watermark only on the second set of pages (the canary yellow sheets), at the bottom of the Placement tab, under Apply Only To Pages, you should select Even


3. Print Node:

I don’t use any Print Nodes in my workflows, so I’m not as sure on this one. It looks like you need to start with creating a new Printer Destination (select the green plus button).  A new option menu opens and you can determine the printers and queues.

The important part: Check Define Job Ticket Defaults and use the edit button (orange pencil button) to set up the XPF.  I only have Nuveras, so I would just set up the even pages as exceptions on a different stock.  You can do whatever your particular printer allows. 


I hope this helps you at least a little bit.  If you have any further questions, please ask. 


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Newbie Question - Copy of each page + Watermark

Here's what i'm trying to accomplish.

I need to print 5,000 forms.

Each form has two copies (10,000 sheets)

Copy 1 prints form from input A on white sheet

Copy 2 prints form + watermark from Input B canary sheet


I know I can possibly prepare the file with the copy included, but I was wondering can this be accomplished with a workflow? 


What's needed is:

  1. Copy each page
  2. Add watermark to even pages
  3. Print odd pages from tray A even from tray B to be collated 
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