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Re: Non-domain hotfolder pick up

Not totally clear on all details but I would assume the following:

  • The FFCore services are running inder a domain service account
  • The color management server is not in the domain and uses only local users

Assuming that you cannot add the color management server to the domain... why not create local Windows accounts in the color management server that match the service account you are using to run FFCore?

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Non-domain hotfolder pick up



We're having a massive issue at the moment. 


We're trying to push files through a hot folder for colour management but Xerox says it 'Can't find' the file. 


After speaking with our IT guys and browsing a bit online we've figured out its due to the colour managent server being non domain so the service runnning Freeflow can't access it properly. 


Has anyone experienced similar issues? Does anyone have a solution?



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