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mike61 Contributor


Please forgive me if this question or future questions are basic but we are new to Freeflow Core. We have been using Process Manager for 12 years and just recently installed Freeflow Core (All modules). We use a lot of automated processes in our current version of Process manager. I am trying to figure out how to get a notification if a process fails. For example if a printer is down and cannot accept jobs from process manager in Process manager we add a fail arm and add a notification module and then a review Module and then a printer module again. This way if the file fails to send to the printer then an email is sent out and the job is put on hold for review. once we know the printer is up and running we can go into process manager and release the job. How do I do this is Freeflow Core?
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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator DavidU54339-XRX
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Notifications

FFCore does not have Fail Branches and Notification nodes which one has in Process Manager. The FFCore notification functionality is what is present in the Administartion Tab/Notifications. The FFCore notification functionality has some overlap with Process Manager.

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Premier Partner

Re: Notifications

Perhaps you can make Hotfolders for certain flows on the Printer that send the files to the appropriate Queus. If the the Printer is Down the Files stay in the Hotflder. Once the Printer is running again the Jobs will be released automatically.

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kevinjel Member

Re: Notifications

i also really liked the printing option and the fail branch from process manager... will there be an alternative?
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