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RichAtDatagroup New Member
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Output file splitting.

How do you split a large file, for example a 10000 pager file into multiple files of 2000 pages.

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Re: Output file splitting.

Add a split component to the workflow. The first branch should pull pages 1 - 2000. The second branch should pull pages 2001 - -1 (-1 being the last page).

Connect the second branch back to the split node. This will take jobs of any length and split them into 2000 page chunks.
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Erick Valued Member
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Re: Output file splitting.

I have a related question. I would like to separate covers and text, adding a split node to separate each. Covers, I would like to split at every 250 "sheets", not pages, imposing them cut & stack on a 17x11 sheet size. "Page size" is 8.5x11. The text of the book, I would like to split at every 500 sheets. This helps bindery when cutting lifts. 


I thought that I could set up the imposition node before the split node, that way, the split would be at every 250 sheets, but doesn't seem to work? I can get the split to work nice "before" the imposition node, but then it splits at pages, not sheets. Is there a way I can split at sheets instead of pages?


I would also like to have the option to drop in different page quantities and have Core split correctly. Right now I have branches set up as, 1-250, another branch at 251-500 etc. Javier, you said in this email to set up the first branch of the split node at 1-2000 and the 2nd branch at 2001--1, thus pulling in all pages. You said to connect the 2nd branch back to the split node so as to take jobs at any length. My question is; how do you connect a branch back to it's own split node? I'm confused about this.



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Re: Output file splitting.

Very easy to do, drag and drop the 2nd branch back onto the split component.



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