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I understand this is an odd request. A client of ours has business cards they send through our SmartQ that have RGB and PANTONE spot colors on the card. I can set up a workflow in Core, using a Pitstop fixup .kfp profile in Core's Preflight node to map the RGB on the card to PANTONE 1795. But, there is a logo on the card that is PANTONE 1795 that our client would like mapped to RGB to match the logo on the front. (Don't ask). 


So, how do I go about mapping PANTONE 1795 C to R=205, G=32, B=45?



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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: PANTONE 1795 C to RGB

Try the attached kfp file. I made the fixup file using Acobat Pro DC with the following steps:


Fixup Category – Color Spaces, Spot colors, inks

Type of Fixup – Map Spot Colors and Process Colors

                Define the Source Color name -- PANTONE 1795

                Destination – Convert to Destination – Use Source Color – RGB (0-255) and the R,G,B values



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