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Re: PDF printing problem

My last question was: What does windows print2PDF change?

This output format works fine but need to be controlled through an external node.

Can this be automated? No manual intervention before sending it to a new node where we can continue what we do now. Force A4 portrait and add 2mm bleed and stor it in a folder

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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: PDF printing problem

Running the PDF through the Optimize node is worth a try. Since I don't know what the problem with the PDF is, I'd recommend trial and error with the Optimize node settings. Converting to a PDF standard would not be a bad guess.

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PDF printing problem

MacOSversion 11.2.2 (assemblage 20D80) Quartz PDF context

The customer uses PDF files coming from all platforms. This one coming from Quartz PDF MAC.

When printing this PDF on different environments they get starnge results where some parts of the document are missing.

Primelink is OK

Nuvera FFlow and D110 FFlow are not.

If I take the PDF and generate a PDF using Windows PDF printing it goes fine on all printers.

Is there a way to automate such a process through FFC using some external process? Or are there other component setting in Preflight or Optimize that might help? I wanted to add the customer PDF but do not see any possibility here to do so.

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