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PDFtk Program and Core Update


We currently run an old version of Core ( and I am doing prep before we update to the newer version. 

One of our main workflows has an external component that uses the program PDFtk to merge one PDF onto another. (In brief: Core creates a separate PDF for a barcode that needs to be manipulated through page placement and a resize node to fit to a specific dimension. This barcode PDF is then merged onto each page of the main PDF.)

Are you familiar with this program and know if it will work on either Windows Server 2016 or 2022? Based on their website, PDFtk is only available up to Windows 8.

If PDFtk won’t work on a newer server OS, do you know of a similar program that will?

This workflow was originally set up by a Xerox employee back in 2014 and he is the one who recommended the program. 

Thank you,


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