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Pages simplex instead of duplex

1-Have been having an issue with flatwork printing duplex. When I send a front and a back through core they arrive at the Fiery duplex. But they print simplex. If I take those same 2 sides and copy them over bypassing Core to the Fiery they print duplex.


2-Same problem with signatures. I can take 32 pages through Core and the 1st spread and the last spread will print simplex. The other 14 spreads will print duplex. But the other 14 are not backing up the correct pages due to the 1st spread printing simplex. This one with the signatures does not do it every time, but about half of the time. The issue with the flat work happens 100% of the time now.

Anyone had issues like this?




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TFischer Member

Re: Pages simplex instead of duplex

Sounds like you are having an issue with how the Fiery DFE is treating the banner pages.


Make sure that if the Fiery is expecting a banner page, that FFCore is appending a banner page.


If the Fiery is not expecting a banner page, make sure that FFCore is not appending a banner page.


Is there a setting on the Fiery that allows you to turn on and off the banner page, or change banner page treatments?


Troy Fischer

Henry Wurst Inc


AW New Member
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Re: Pages simplex instead of duplex

Troy, You da man.

Thanks for your help. Didn't even know I had a banner page going. But it was in my print que.

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