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Re: Part of PDF-Filename used as Barcode

Your idea corresponds 100% to my considerations.

It's the smartest way to do this process fully automatically by keeping the original filename.


If the filename is not (that) important, one can do a renaming while "copy the PDF to a known location".

And this new location is a hotfolder for a new workflow which proceed with the new name (equivalent to the barcode).


Many thanks for your brilliant support, Javier.

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Re: Part of PDF-Filename used as Barcode

The hot folder has an option to execute a script.


I would write a script to do the following:

  • Move the PDF to a known location
  • Write a manifest that has two columns - the path to the PDF and 8 characters from the filename (pad or substring)
  • Submit the manifest to the hot folder

That should do the trick.


PS> This can be as simple as a batch file:

Re: Part of PDF-Filename used as Barcode

Many thanks for your quick reply, Javier. We want to setup a Hotfolder Workflow.


The complete filename (as variable without extention) is a step into the right direction. :D

But we just need the very last 8 characters for the barcode.


I guest this can be done be an "external rename process", right?!


Best regards, Rolf

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Re: Part of PDF-Filename used as Barcode

It depends... if you are using hot folders or the submission UI then the filename without the extension should be the job name. Use the variable for the job name in the text to add to the barcode.


If you are submitting via JMF then you can control the job name via the JDF. Ensure the expected value is in the job name (or on any other JDF field) and then use that value as a variable when you add text for the barcove.



PS>The variables are listed in the appendix in the help.

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Part of PDF-Filename used as Barcode

Hi all,


we are looking for a way to use a part of the PDF-Filename (last 8 chars before extention) to put it as a barcode inside the document.

For example: Filename = "Xerox_Offer_0815X911.pdf" => Barcode-Sequence = "0815X911".


Maybe there is a possibility for a smart external process, but I doesn't have any experience.


Has anybody an idea?! - Except MAX. ;-)


Many thanks in advance for your ideas.


Cheers, Rolf

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