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Re: Permission problems when user access is set to active directory groups

I checked the permissions you suggested but they were already configured that way, I then ran the update for version which did resolve the issue. I can't tell you whether it was just a permission changed in this version or whether running the installs whilst configured for active directory groups was the key but either way the issue is resolved.



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Re: Permission problems when user access is set to active directory groups

Yes - this is quite likely a permissions issue. I do now know the required permissions. 


However, I would change the permissions in the FFCore sandbox folder (typically C:\Xerox\FreeFlow\Core\Data) to give everyone in the AD group Full Control. I would also make sure to select the option to replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object.


At that point things should work as expected.


Once you validate that everything is working, you can then reduce the allowed permission a couple at a time until things stop working.


FreeFlow User

Permission problems when user access is set to active directory groups

Once Freeflow Core admin user access was set to use an active directory group the logged in administrator through the Freeflow Core dashboard can no longer see any folders created in the default hot folder and save directories and cannot complete any function which requires creation of folders or copying of files to the Freeflowdata folder eg creating hot folders, save nodes or inserting uploaded pages.

When trying to save these nodes I get an error message stating "unable to save the relevant file or node make sure the folder exists". You can see folders created prior to switching access modes in windows explorer on the server but the freeflow core dashboard cannot see them nor create new ones.


We have checked the active directory group have full access to the Freeflow data folder and it's sub folders and have tried adding this active directory group to the local administration group for the Freeflow Core server.


I'm assuming this is a permissions issue, Is there a list of the permissions which need to be configured to enable this form of user access?


Any other ideas please let me know.

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