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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Possible to release print jobs from FreeFlow to a printer with a delay between each? Order issue

if you are using the manual, Select Jobs and Release/resume jobs from Job Manager, then No there is not a method to control the order.  Core is a multi-threaded system and the jobs will be processed in parallel.


However, there may be other methods to accomplish what you are asking for.

Scenario #1:  if all the jobs are pages within a single document (as below). You could use Submit as a job group Then join them together into a single PDF file.  Using the Submit Job window, put all the documents in the top section, order as needed, and select "Submit All Documents as a Job Group"

Join is a function of Adv. Prepress.

Scenario #2: Print multiple PDF files in order (sometimes called FIFO).

Jobs need to be in a job group.  Select on the Printer Preset, and enable Collect Job Documents.  This will force Print Preset to send the jobs in order.

Need to have FreeFlow Core Output Management Module.


Note: To put jobs into a job group, use either:

1. Submit Job GUI option: Submit All Documents as a Job Group.

2. Use Collect with sorting to gather jobs submitted at different times (e.g. hotfolders or multiple Submit Jobs, JMF, etc).

3. MAX Order ID and Grouping keys.



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Possible to release print jobs from FreeFlow to a printer with a delay between each? Order issue.

Question: Is there a way to force FreeFlow Core to either add a short delay after each file is sent or enforce jobs follow a strict release order when being sent to a printer?

We have a customer that, due to the limitations of the software they use, sends print jobs to a hotfolder which look like this.

Start Page.pdf (1 page)

Page 1.pdf (1 page)

Page 2.pdf (1 page)

Page 3.pdf (1 page)

Page 4.pdf (1 page)

End Page.pdf (1 page)


When the print operator selects the 6 print jobs in FreeFlow Core and releases them to the Xerox printer, they will sometimes come over as;

Job ID 100 - Page 1.pdf

Job ID 101 - Start Page.pdf

Job ID 102 - Page 2.pdf

Job ID 103 - Page 4.pdf

Job ID 104 - Page 3.pdf

Job ID 105 - End Page.pdf


Which causes the print job to not be printed in the proper order.

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