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Preflight node - CompletedWithErrors question

Based on the documentation, The Preflight Result is set to CompletedWithErrors when a preflight fixup fails.


I setup a simple workflow have preflight and route, the preflight node using "Basic Preflight - Error.kfp", The route setup a Preflight Error branch.


When submit a file that completed with errors, it should go to this Preflight Error branch. however, I tested to have password protection to lock the pdf file, I expected it will go to preflight fails branch, but it did not.


May I know how to have a test file with preflight fixup fails condition?



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Re: Preflight node - CompletedWithErrors question



How have you setup your Route branch?

Ken Carlsen
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Re: Preflight node - CompletedWithErrors question

Hi Ken,


Thanks for your review, please find the Route Branch setup in below print screen, please let me know if you need more detail info.






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Re: Preflight node - CompletedWithErrors question

Hi Jackie,


I would first make sure that the preflight test is working properly.


You could swap the job characxteristics to preflight sucess - CompletedSuccessfully and have the fail as "All other Jobs" just to double check the functionality.


On this subject of Prelight. It would be great to see in the dashboard an extra column for preflight Fail. As at the moment the workflow still shows a sucess/completed even though there is an error in the file. The only way i can find if the workflow failed is to check the routing destination manually?

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