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Re: Premade XPFs Applied From CSV

Using a csv with MAX you could run a script on the hotfolder that adds the xpf and printer queue to the csv.

Example with only a pdf:


The script could then by a regular expression find matches between the underscores. Something like:


The script could then write a new csv like this and copy it to $FFout$:


In the MAX setup you can then map the Standard Fields for XPIF File Name and Printer Destination to column B and C.



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Premade XPFs Applied From CSV

We currently have a Xerox custom-made script on our printers that does the following:

  1. Using a category code built into the print PDF filename, it selects a premade XPF from a collection of XPFs saved in one location and applies it to the job. This XPF is mainly for inserts and exception pages.
  2. Using another parameter of the PDF filename, it then sends the job to the correct hot folder on the printer, which has saved attributes (paper types, positioning, etc.)


RC_GPA_[etc].pdf will attach the “GPA.xpf” file and then place the job in the ‘RC’ queue on the printer.

NT_GPA_[etc].pdf will attach the “GPA.xpf” file and then place the job in the ‘NT’ queue on the printer. Same insert arrangement, different queue from #1.

RC_RHX_[etc].pdf will attach a different XPF (RHX.xpf) and place the job in the ‘RC’ queue.  Different arrangement of inserts but same queue as #1.

(The [etc] is customer identifying information that changes for every job.)

I was wondering if such a thing can be done with Core.  I see that there is a way to put a static XPF for inserts/exceptions within a Printer Destination, but I was wondering if there was a more dynamic way to do this using the MAX setup (we already process all jobs using a csv list of files). 

Will the fact the name of the XPF doesn’t completely match the job cause a problem?

At the very least it would be good to attach the XPF found in the one static directory to the job and then I can have 1 Printer Destination per queue, instead of a Printer Destination per XPF. (I have 2 printers, 5 queues, and 15+ categories.)

We want to see if we can do this with Core because both the script and the printers are getting very outdated.

I’m not looking for a full how-to, but a starting point would be very helpful. 

Thank you!


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