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Re: Printer Destination - Job ticket - Finished Document Size Not Respected

Thanks for your reply Ken.
I will escalate this off course.
Image shift in FFC is possible, I know, but in my case the flow this issue experiences uses printer destinations  based amount of pages, size of pages and the imposition related to those data. I would have to look in to it to see how I can make a shift imposition for particular impositions, because not every impostion outcome does have to be shifted. That makes it a bit difficult. Now the only imposition I have to shift is (due to it's finishing on our Iridesse) is a 4 page folder, which has it's own printer destination. So it would be a whole lot easier to manage shifting differences in that particular "4 pages folder printer destination". 
Also updating to the latest version is tricky, because we also use XMPie, and the latest version FFC is not working with our version of XMPie...they also need to match
Shifting is, in my opinion, quite a basic printer setting. So why isn't it available.
Same thing for the missing option to choose an output profile...also a quite basic setting I think.
There is not even a color settings menu available at how does one set the preferred and calibrated output profile anyway? This I will escalate also, along all other things I feel we miss out on. 
Maybe better, open up a post to evaluate what the users miss out on?
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Re: Printer Destination - Job ticket - Finished Document Size Not Respected

So I agree that your trim values should match. That being said, I recommend you contact our support hotline to escalate the issue. They will probably need an export of a workflow (Core exchange) and maybe a sample file? While I dont think it would fix it, you may also want to upgrade to version 7.0 of Core. Any bugs to be fixed will only be done on the most recent version of software. It will have to be determined if the issue is Core sending the wrong data or if the Fiery is changing the data as it received it. In many cases I have seen the issue is actually on the Fiery side and may require a patch there.

For image shifting, while it is in the Fiery, it may not (probably not) being broadcast to Core as a feature / function. However, depending on what you need, you can also use FreeFlow Core to do image shifting in the impose preset.

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Printer Destination - Job ticket - Finished Document Size Not Respected

Hello All!

I have added our Iridesse with Fiery rip, and created several Printer Destinations.
In those Printer destinations I selected to have the job ticket defaults to finish the documents; fold+stapled+cut.

Problem I encounter is that the size I have given is not taken to the Fiery...
In FFC I set size to 279 x 206.5, but when job arrives in Fiery the size is at an other size, 280 x 207.6

What do I do wrong, or better, what should I do to get this in with correct size?

FFC: version 6.2.8 Build 29819

Fiery Command WorkStation Package :
Fiery Command WorkStation :
Job Properties :
Server Manager :
Versioning :
Fiery Command WorkStation Package Updates :;;6.7.2201.03;6.7.2203.02;;;6.8.2305.01


Also, I miss out on a function that is provided on our Fiery, or I haven't found it yet...the possibility to image shift a standard amount (Fiery - under "Finishing" - Image Shift). Why is that not under ticketing available?

FFC help file states: "Xerox® FreeFlow® Core job ticketing always reflects the options reported by the print server when queried for capabilities. Therefore, print ticketing defined in Xerox® FreeFlow® Core does contain constructs that are not reported as supported by the print server." But this function is...?!

A feature request to have ALL possible settings of EFI-Fiery made available in FFC!





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