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Problem with saving to external servers



We are testing savign to external servers, but if the server connection is lost for some reason, the save fails and the file is gone. Is there any way to do some kind of delayed save ("safe save"), save with another try ie. after one minute? A script perhaps?


Thanking in advance,


Sami from Finland

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Re: Problem with saving to external servers

There's no "delayed save" within the Save component.

However, you should be able to write a batch file that will loop if Save fails,

You can see copy command error codes and if / else here


You can see batch file loops here:


One other thing...

If the job file is disappearing after a failed Save please escalate to the hotline.

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Re: Problem with saving to external servers

Many thanks Javier!


Will check this out.


Sunny days for You!



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