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Re: Rename files by numbers of pages?

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Not sure I completely understand the "split them and follow up" comment.


There's no mechanism for renaming the job once it is in FFCore.

We can rename the job when we save it to a hot folder.


Renaming as specified would require the following name in the Save component



When saving the first variable is evaluated to the job name and the second is evaluated to the number of pages.

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Rename files by numbers of pages?

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Hi, firstly Id like to apologize but I am still learning how to work with the programm and I´m not sure if this is possible or not. The situation is following: We print photobooks, which are named H17. This photobook has 44 pages but customers can add extra 2,4,6, etc pages. What we would like to do is the following: The customers send us H17 photobook-files and we load them into one folder. FreeFlow should then rename the files accordingly to if the book has 44, 46 or 48,... pages, so that we could easily split them after and follow up. Lets say I insert a file named Customer_H17 and it will then automatically change to Customer_H17_44pages and insert this information on a first blank page so that we can easily see. Thank you!

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