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Re: Renaming Windows Server

So I just re-read your post.  You do not want to rename a server. It breaks the SQL database.

You can of course have 2 servers with the same name (not ideal) but you can do it. So you should have a static IP address for the current FreeFlow Core server. Setup the new server with a different IP address and the same name. DNS wont like it but if you access the system by IP address it will work. (and it should only be short term)

So you get the new server setup (same name as old server) then decommision the old server.

If you want to change the computer/ server name after the installation of core, it can be done, but you will need to contact our hotline group to do it.  You will also have to install some extra MS SQL database tools to be able to make the change. The MS SQL installer can configure and create a database, but different MS software is needed to reconfigure and change permissions of an existing SQL database.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Renaming Windows Server

That should not be an issue. The problem is only if you changed the name on the existing server - because the server name is tied into the SQL database. So if you changed it on your current server you would lose access to the database and the software wont run.

But on the new server, you set the desired name (Core02) etc first, then install the latest FreeFlow Core software. The new software will use the new name.

Before you switch servers, I recommend that you use FreeFlow Core Exchange. This will allow you to do a full CLONE backup which will capture all your workflows, usernames and passwords. In most cases you can then use FFCore Exchange on the new server to import all your settings - the SQL database will be fine. With this Clone file you can easily restore your software if something goes wrong.


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Renaming Windows Server

Hi guys,

We are looking at upgrading our current freeflow core server.

We are still running v5.1.0.3 on Windows Server 2012 R2, server name is Core01

My thinking is to create a new Windows Server 2019 and then install Freeflow Core v6.1 and name it Core02

Will I have an issue once I decommision old server and rename the new server to the old server? 

So rename Core02 to Core01.


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