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Resize Component Not Working as expected

I have a blank/empty 2inch square PDF that I'm adding a QR code to. There are multiple QR codes (30K total), one per page and they vary in size as the data varies in length. I need them all the same size for the client.

I'm using the resize component with the following settings:

Resize: Contents 

To Size: 1.346x1.346 (inches)

Content Scaling: either FIT or FILL

The results are I get a QR code image (the QR code including the white release) varies in size between .25 to .28 inches depending on the size of the data.

I have confirmed the QR is the only element/object present in the file (using pitstop to select all).

I have had the same or similar issue in the past with the Resize not working correctly and my workaround is that I create a fixup in  PDF Toolbox but it would be nice if the resize worked. In PDF toolbox I'm doing a select all and resize to 1.346x1.346 and it works as expected.

The fact that you cannot create the QR codes to a uniform size regardless of data is unfortunate.

If someone can shed light as to why the resize isn't working I'd appreciate it.

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