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Re: Save to SFTP in Version 6.0?

It is read only. From the Help guide:

• SFTP: To access, type the path in the location field. Ensure that the URI is URL-encoded and the credentials are in the URI. SFTP access is read only. For example, http://sftpuser:password@Server/MyFile.pdf

You could try using a script instead in an External Process. For instance you could use Please see post marked in green here:

The script found there shows an example for downloading a file using PowerShell, but you can generate the code for uploading instead. In essence change:





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Save to SFTP in Version 6.0?

I was readingthe release nots for Version 6.0 that we are currently scheduling for install. I read this:

     SFTP and HTTPS Locations for File System Operations/MAX

     • HTTPS and SFTP paths now be used to specify the location for file system operations accessed by
     FreeFlow Core. These paths can also be used with Manifest Automation from Xerox (MAX) to
     reference the location of files for processing.

And was wondering... Does this mean That I could use an SFTP path in a save node and automatically save the PDF to the SFTP server? Thanks -Brass


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