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Re: Sequence Numbers for 8pp record document X 291

Thanks David, however I don't have the Variable Data license.

For those in a similar situation to me i.e. without the Variable Data license, here is the workaround.

  1. I made a spreadsheet with the required page sequences.
  2. Mail merged the sequences into a Word doc, making sure the content is in the required position on each page and produced a PDF document of it.
  3. I then used the Watermark node to merge this PDF into the target PDF.
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FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator
FreeFlow Production Workflow Moderator

Re: Sequence Numbers for 8pp record document X 291

One needs the VariableData license. The Workflow consists of a Watermark node for the record number information. The information is within the variable $FFwfJob.PDFVTRecordNumber$ a "/" character is put in front of the variable. Within the placement portion of the Watermark node, the Apply to Each Variable Data Record" check box is selected. The Split node then is used to split the job apart record by record into subjobs. Each record then has it's page number content added via PageNumber node. The subjobs are put back together using the Join node. You will need to set the placement locations for the Watermark and PageNumber content to meet your requirements. See screensnaps below.WMcontent.pngWMplacement.pngsplitcontent.pngpagecontent.png


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Sequence Numbers for 8pp record document X 291

Hi All,

I have a PDF which has 2328 pages of records. Each record has 8 pages, so there are 291 records in total.

I wish to add a sequence number to the PDF as follows:

001/291, 002/291 etc

However, I want 001/291 on each page of record 1, and so on.


Can this be done?

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