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Server Resources


I am running Core on my XMPie PE server along with Ustore and in preparation for an upgrade across multiple products noticed that the disk space was geatly reduced. On further investigation, I found the spool folder within the directory: Xerox\FreeFlow\Core\Data\00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000\Platform\Spool contained 154Gb of old processed jobs. Should Core automatically purge this folder and if so at what frequency? I have already had a patch installed to limit Core consuming all the server RAM and system disk space when processing files as it took out the server and prevented me from running jobs through Uproduce. Any info would be appreciated, I understand I am unable to move to V5 as full compatibility with XMPie has not been given yet.

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Piotr Miller
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Re: Server Resources



Information from last Tuesday:


XMPie is testing uStore 8.6 with Freeflow Core 5.0.x

If it will require development, XMPie will provide a timeframe to support it.



Piotr Miller

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Piotr Miller
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Re: Server Resources

I would ask that you escalate this as a problem. The spool folder will always contain some information. However, unless you have a substantial number of jobs in FFCore I would not expect to see that much information in the spool folder.

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